Why Matrix is gay

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So, with Graf promoting Matrix, and our own members still using it :roll_eyes:, I figured now would be a good time to review why Matrix is gayer than Milo’s bar mitzvah orgy.

  1. Matthew, the head of Element and the Matrix Foundation, is a retarded faggot.
  2. Matrix requires you to trust everyone with access to the database on every server with at least one user in your room. Everything is stored indefinitely in every server’s database.
  3. Matthew is a faggot.
  4. Our old Matrix server was banned from every official Matrix room, despite none of its users having ever violated their rules.
  5. Matrix was created by AMDOCS, an Israeli firm that spied on Americans via the phone equipment and software they sell.
  6. All of the software is shit. The main client, Element, is JavaScript in an Electron wrapper. If you don’t know what Electron is, it’s a stand-alone Chrome instance used to run shitty web scripts on your computer.
  7. The perpetual database storage means that Matrix is a metadata nightmare. There is a lot of stuff in the message metadata that isn’t necessary for message routing that could be used to build network graphs of everyone someone associates with.

After everything that happened with Matrix, we finally figured out that XMPP really is the best option out there for self-hosted, federated, secure communication. XMPP group chats are hosted by one server, requiring you to only trust one admin. NHTB purges our server archive to only retain three days of archived messages. E2EE is available for 1:1 and private group chats. VoIP is supported but is client-dependent.

Here is a guide to get started: XMPP Quick Start




Probably because this is a public post.


I like points 1 and 3.


@thomaslewis What’s with Graf supporting it, then? :thinking:

Presume you’ve DM’d him this?

I couldn’t ever figure out how to interact at arms length with just a mobile web browser. I presume somebody would have to be running Element?

Yes, I’m retarded.

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I’ve mentioned that matrix is horrible to graf before. He doesn’t give a shit. He thinks he knows better.


I understand this feeling of talking to a wall of confidence erected around incorrect positions on technical issues.

The satisfaction comes when they are proven wrong by entropy. Though when that happens they pretend nothing previous happened.

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graf is just as gay as Matrix, that’s why.


The other points are arguable or irrelevant, but this right here is a major problem and I’m surprised graf doesn’t care about it.

The way you do dissident politics is memory hole previous mistakes and double down on current popular things.

Or thats what I observe being done.

Cant have any “this was wrong, so we did this instead”

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If we learned from our mistakes, it wouldn’t need to be “110 and never again.” Should’ve been “109 end of the line” when the trains arrive at Auschwitz.