Full letter from Dylann Roof to Tucker Carlson


Going after random niggers, Jews, or Muslims is pointless. Spergs need to go after specific Jews instead, in Roblox of course.


He has a strange manner of writing question marks


I was waiting for you to post this. Follow the leader bro.


Much like an unlanced boil, it has risen again.


a boil has an original infection. sometimes you can drain the infection. othertimes you have to remove the cause.

there is no problem caused by humanity that cannot be addressed by the proper application of det cord or straight razor.


A cot in Terre Haute away from Clownworld and three meals a day sounds pretty decent to me.

Any sacrifice to accelerate the death of this rotten Jew system is worth it. Peoples existence and rights have never been secured permanently without a bit of violence. There will be no victory without the trifecta of leaders soldiers and activists, we sorely lack in the realm of soldiers but it’s been improving as of late.


I’m sure the government wouldn’t mind giving you a nice cell for random, disorganized violence. I mean, fuck, the FBI would probably give you money and whatever resources necessary so you can sit back in a jail cell and stroke your ego while right wingers rounded up for so much as a whisper of dissent because your narcissistic ass gave the government a way to justify locking us all up.


“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” There will be no changing America from within. It is the great Satan, this peaceful awakening I’m assuming you envision, is naïve. Rhodesia touted that they had the happiest blacks in Africa and where did that get them when the black communists came and started torturing the blacks loyal to whites. It got them nowhere, most people are lemmings and all It takes is someone taking that monopoly of violence away from the government who uses it to destroy our race, culture and rights. Remember how there weren’t anymore Ruby Ridges or Waco’s after Timmy lit up the Murrah building? People in power learn only one way.

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I think honestly we lack leaders. Figureheads are not leaders.

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What would a leader lead us into exactly? Basically, what are we doing that requires leaders?


that would be telling.

but since the question has been posed, something beyond drinking beer with a couple of local mates, complaining online about dem juz, or buying a teeshirt.

Chapter 8 from the Culture of Critique perhaps. Let us begin calling out the jews on their behaviors while at the same time behaving as they do. but without all the child sex and other degeneracy.